Hello, my name is Adrian. I am undefined.
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Welcome Spiel:

Hey there. I'm Adrian. I like to do a lot of things; study languages, design websites, write web apps, design and build electronic circuits, draw, write, DJ, compose music, listen to music...I could go on for pages. The point is, I like to do things. Lots of things. I have many talents and interests. This website is my preferred method of cataloguing and sharing the things I do.

I like to know how and why things work the way they do. While I love to work with machinery, electronics, and other physical systems. I spend most of my time these days coding, because coding offers me the opportunity to make things work, while getting my hands dirty in the how and why — all while costing me nothing.

Thank you for stopping by. While you're here, please browse my Projects page to look at some of the interesting things I've done; or perhaps have a listen to my Audio page if you want to hear my DJ mixes and musical compositions. My About page is where you can find out some other specifics about me, like who I am and where I'm from, and gain access to things like my resumé. Go to my Contact page to send me an email. Last, but not least you may find technology or linguistic articles of interest in my Weblog.

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In the mean time, here's some content I would like to feature:

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Skills Spiel:

Chance favours the idea that you didn't just come here on a whim. You were probably directed here -- either by a recommendation from a friend or acquaintance; my business card; a spoken request by myself; or because I noted this website in my resumé.

Skills Offered:

Here's a quick breakdown of the skills I can offer:


  • PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, HMTL5/CSS3
  • Web Design


  • Server and Desktop Administration
  • Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Ubuntu, and CentOS
  • Computer Hardware Repair and Software Troubleshooting


  • Microsoft Products Including Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Creative Suite

And there I go, almost giving away my entire resumé on the first page. Please continue to explore my website. I'm sure you'll find something you like. I hope you enjoy your visit.